The All Valley Steam Promise

We know when it comes to carpet cleaners you have a choice in service providers and our commitment is to make you happy about your selection today and over the years ahead.

You have our guarantee!

100% Clean Carpet Guarantee

We guarantee to clean your carpets to your complete satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean those areas at no cost. It's our 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee. 

When Carpet Repairs are Necessary

There are also 3 scenarios that signify to us that carpet repairs may be necessary, and that staining goes beyond the surface: 

1. Bleach stains, as these are irreversible without re-dying processes or carpet repair.

2. Stains that return after an effective cleaning. This type of stain is considered a "Re-appearing Stain" because it indicates that the stain resides in the carpet padding, and is resurfacing through the back of the carpet.

3. Odor remediation, as pet odors generally affect all 3 layers - carpet, padding, and sub floor, requiring various forms of carpet repair. 

If you ever have a problem with your service, call us right away! We hate to have an unsatisfied customer and will do everything we can to correct the problem and make you happy.

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It’s easy to think that the only reason you need your carpet clean is so it looks nice, right? That is certainly one reason to schedule regular carpet cleaning; however, it’s important to remember that carpet cleaning is also an investment in your health.

Carpets, whether in your home or in your office, can quickly collect dirt, bacteria, dust mites and allergens. Though not always visible on the surface, these contaminants can actually pollute the air quality that you breathe every day. Carpets that often appear clean may, in fact, be much dirtier than you think!

Think of your carpet as a type of air filter in your home. When things like dust, dirt, bacteria and dust mites collect on your carpet, in time you will start to breathe in that buildup. Merely using household carpet cleaners to remove dirt and spills is not enough to ensure the air you’re breathing is as clean as possible.

By investing in services like All Valley Steam carpet cleaning, you can rest assured that our commercial grade, advanced equipment will give your carpets the deepest and most thorough wash possible!

10 step cleaning process


Our gaurantee



Why Do Carpets Need to Be Cleaned Regularly?

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Our technician will do a walk through inspection with you to identify soiling conditions, carpet construction, customer concerns, and potential permanent stains. 

Step 2: Commercial Pre-vacuum
Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed with a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove dry soil. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in carpet cleaning. 

Step 3: Furniture Moving
Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Larger pieces, such as beds and dressers, are left in place under our regular pricing structure. The furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs. 

Step 4: Pre-spot
Certain spots are pre-treated. 

Step 5: Pre-Spray
Your carpet will be pre-conditioned with the appropriate product in order to suspend the soil for more effective soil and spot removal. Our pre-conditioner is a Carpet and Rug Institute tested and approved environmentally friendly product.

Step 6: Pre-Groom
Your carpet will be pre-groomed with a carpet groomer to further loosen traffic area soil. 

Step 7: Extract and Rinse
Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated to prevent the carpet from being over-wet. This step sanitizes and deodorizes your carpet. At All Valley Steam, we go the extra step with a double extraction to help improve your air quality and expedite your carpet drying. Included in this step of cleaning we also clean all exposed baseboards over carpet to give any room that final touch. 

Step 8: Post Spot Treatment
If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques are employed – we have written procedures for every situation. Note: Potential permanent stains, as identified by the technician may not be removed. 

Optional Step: Fabric Protection - Additional Charges Apply
Applying fabric protection will help guard your carpet from both dry and liquid soil. To keep your carpet looking as new as possible, we recommend applying fabric protection after each professional cleaning. This also includes a DuPont Teflon 1 year warranty. Ask your Carpet Technician for details.

Step 9: Post Grooming
The carpet pile is set in one direction (using a carpet rake) to aid the aesthetics and the drying process.

Step 10: Post Cleaning Inspection
Our technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results and to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the job.

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